100 Years of Printmaking in Israel | Levin Art Community & Culture

“100 Years of Printmaking in Israel” (2015) tells the fascinating story of the art of printmaking (such as woodcutting, etching and lithography) in Eretz Israel since the establishment of the Bezalel School of Art and Crafts in Jerusalem. The book includes a comprehensive chapter by Gideon Ofrat on the development of this art in Israel since the pre-state days, and a chapter on deconstruction in printmaking by Irena Gordon. 

350 images of engravings created over the last 100 years by 120 artists accompany this magnificent, yet rather neglected, history of Israeli art. The book was published by Jerusalem Print Workshop with the generous support of several organizations, among them Levin Art, Community & Culture which was founded by Ofer Levin.

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