The Team

Ofer Levin

Owner of the Levin Collection

Ofer Levin is a financial strategist and Israeli art collector. Art always held a meaningful place in his life. He was inspired by his father, who studied art at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. In his youth he used to spend many hours visiting the Israel Museum and the Jerusalem Artists’ House. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and channeling his knowledge into business activity in international financial markets, he decided to make more room to art in his life. He started to expand and further develop an Israeli art collection previously managed by the art curator and critic Gideon Ofrat.

Today the Levin Collection is one of the biggest and most comprehensive Israeli art collections in the world. It consists of 3000 works of Israeli art from the first Aliyah (the immigration of Jews from of the diaspora to Israel around the 1880’s) until today. His vision is to create a collection which reflects the story of the foundation of Israeli culture. Therefore, the collection is eclectic in its nature and it consists of paintings, sculptures, video art, photographs and ceramics by Israeli artists from different generations. 

In 2010 Levin founded Levin Art Community & Culture, which aims to preserve Israel’s cultural legacy, strengthen Israeli society and support a future generation of Israeli artists. In addition to maintaining an art collection, Levin Art Community & Culture operates Levin Press, which specializes in Israeli art books and is involved in a variety of initiatives for the benefit of Israeli society and culture.

Tamara Gramova

Curator and Director of the Levin Collection

Tamara began working at Levin Art Community & Culture at the end of 2013. Since then, she has been living and breathing the collection and is involved in every activity related to it. As curator and director of the Levin Collection, Tamara is responsible for maintaining the collection’s archive, lending pieces of art to museums and building collaborations with artists and institutions. In addition, she is a crucial part of the production process of art books published by Levin Press. 

Tamara completed her undergraduate studies with two awards in Industrial design (B.Des) from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Today she is working towards her M.A in Policy & Theory of the Arts with a specialization in curatorial studies at the same academic institution. A creative use of the knowledge in the above-mentioned fields enables her to come up with unique ideas and solutions to the challenges stemming from her role.

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