Levin Art Community & Culture

Levin Art Community & Culture aims to preserve and support Israel’s society and culture. In order to achieve these goals, it sponsors local art initiatives, cooperates with nonprofit organizations, maintains an Israeli art collection and publishes art books.
Levin Art Community & Culture was founded in 2010 by Ofer Levin, a financial strategist and art collector, out of a strong connection to Israeli society, culture and art. As its name implies, Levin Art Community & Culture’s activities revolve around three areas:
Levin Art sponsors various art initiatives and promote Israeli artists in Israel and around the world. Levin Art is responsible for the Levin Collection, one of the biggest collections of Israeli art in the world.
Levin in the Community donates to initiatives promoting Israeli society and empowering its diversity.
Levin Culture runs Levin Press, which publishes art books in Hebrew and English.

Levin Art

Levin Art is home to the Levin Collection, considered today among the biggest Israeli art collections in the world. It includes around 3,000 multidisciplinary works collected by Gideon Ofrat and Ofer Levin, spanning over 140 years of Israeli art from the first Aliyah (immigration of Jews from the diaspora to Israel) until today, and reflecting an historical and artistic documentation of Israeli society and culture.

Levin Art collaborates with museums and public institutions around the world, lends its works of art to exhibitions and invites scholars and students to explore the collection. Levin Art conducts exhibitions, art tours, lectures and public art events. It sponsored the Institute for Israeli Art at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo, among others.

Levin In The Community

Levin in the Community is based on the notion that in order to build a strong, stable and unified society, we need to foster values of love towards the land of Israel, and mutual responsibility and understanding of our fellow men. On this premise, Levin Community sponsors a variety of initiatives to promote various groups that form Israeli society. 

Among the institutions and organizations sponsored by Levin in the Community are: New Spirit that aims to strengthen Jerusalem and turn it into an inspirational capital city; the independent, non-partisan Israeli think tank Molad, dedicated to the renewal of Israeli democracy;  Tair Support Center for Victims of Sexual Assault and One of Us – a preparatory program for developing young social leadership. Levin in the Community also endowed grants to students of Tel-Hai College and donated to the Department of Jewish Philosophy and Talmud at Tel Aviv University.

Levin Culture

Levin Culture is dedicated to the lasting future of Israeli culture while acknowledging its past and significance by preserving Israeli cultural legacy and its historical assets. It also sponsors contemporary and local artists. At the core of Levin Culture’s activity lies Levin Press which publishes Israeli art anthologies and art books on contemporary Israeli artists. Among its publications is the Broad Horizons series, a selection of works from the Levin Collection with accompanying interpretive texts by the art scholar Gideon Ofrat; a comprehensive and unique book on the multifaceted work of the artist Igael Tumarkin and other books which provide an exclusive point of view on Israeli art since its inception.   

In addition to Levin Press, Levin Culture participates in initiatives and projects that celebrate Israeli culture and enrich it. It sponsors exhibitions and the production of catalogs, donates to art centers and museums and endows grants to promising artists.

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