Ofer Levin: “Arieh Lubin wanted to break conventions of his time” | News1

Ofer Levin

Ofer Levin, investments strategist and art collector, was interviewed by News1, an Israeli daily news website, on the occasion of a new publication by Levin Press written by the art critic Gideon Ofrat. The book is a monograph exploring the life and work of the Israeli artist Arieh Lubin from the 1920s’ until his death in 1980. 

Levin mentioned in the interview Lubin’s worldview and the way it was affected and changed over the course of the artist’s lifetime due to historic events. “The last chapter in the book reveals that Lubin’s attraction to Arab figures and the tradition they represented fractured following the Six Days War. From that point on, Lubin replaced his political view by a radical national outlook,” pointed out Levin.

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