Ofer Levin GTI On I24news: Wars and Security Tensions On The Levin Collection

Ofer Levin

The art collector and financial strategist of GTI Investments, Ofer Levin, was interviewed by I24news on war and security tension in the Levin collection. Levin said about the artist Ludwig Blum: “He was a talented and diverse artist of landscapes, portraits and prominent events related to the establishment of the State of Israel. However, over the years Blum’s presence in the Israeli art world was on the wane. His solo exhibitions until the end of the 1980s were solely related to institutional frameworks connected to 1948”.


The art curator and critic, Gideon Ofrat, contributed his part to the article: “The watershed of Israeli art is naturally 1967, and since then the artistic utterances reflecting the other side of the pendulum intensify. A harsh expression could be found, for example, in the language of documentary photography of Moshe Gershuni”.

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