Ofer Levin GTI: The Beit She’an Excavation Project Reveals Another Aspect of the Past

Ofer Levin GTI supported the excavation project in Beit She’an, initiated by the late Prof. Yoram Tsafrir who passed away in 2015, including providing the funds to locate and gather archeological artifacts; and to recruit specialists to complete specific research of items such as ceramics, coins, inscriptions, engravings etc. In terms of publication, Volume 3A of this highly edifying project by Dr. Benjamin Arubas is currently in the advanced stages of editing; and the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archeology will be publishing an accompanying Qedem Report.

“The Hebrew University and its Institute of Archeology have been at the forefront of research in Israel for years. The Beit She’an excavation project reveals another aspect of the past and helps us gain a better and clearer understanding of the lifestyles of the ancient inhabitants of this country,” said Ofer Levin.

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