Ofer Levin Interviewed for ‘The Jerusalem Post’ About the Publication of ‘Outsights’

Ofer Levin Investments - JPOST

Ofer Levin, investments strategist and art collector was recently interviewed by ‘The Jerusalem Post’ about a new book from ‘Levin Press’, called ‘Outsights’, written by the famous art critic, Gideon Ofrat. The new book is the fourth volume of the comprehensive art anthology, ‘Broad Horizons’.

During the interview, Levin said: “Gideon’s collection was based neither on fortune nor was guided by commercial considerations and long-term investments. his endless passion for art and his broad horizons are reflected in every work he had acquired over the years, and in all of his critical commentaries”.

He added: “Outsights differs from the prior three volumes in that it contains a selection of close to 200 new works in the collection representing, investments that expand, enhance and enrich earlier choices. It reveals a lesser emphasis on contemporary art and a growing emphasis on the history of local Israeli art”.

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