Ofer Levin Interviewed on Inter Press About Gideon Ofrat’s Latest Publication on the Levin Collection

Gideon Ofrat’s latest publication reveals yet another dimension of one of today’s most extensive Israeli art collections. “From Horizon to Horizon” is the fifth volume in The Levin Collection series. This newest addition showcases early modern paintings from the 1920s and 1930s to the contemporary post-modern era. What distinguishes this book is its feature of over seventy artworks crafted since the 2000s and its exploration of numerous other pieces accumulated over the years, not previously discussed in earlier volumes.

Ofer Levin, owner of The Levin Collection, said: “The history of Israeli art was crafted over the years, brick by brick, by Jewish and Israeli artists who expressed their talent and creativity through paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. But it seems that the story of Israeli art would not have reached all of us without the dedication of art historians and scholars who gathered information from various sources, describing and interpreting works in both their Israeli and international contexts. This is precisely the goal of the Levin Collection: to serve as a reliable and up-to-date representation of the story of Israeli art from its inception until today.”

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