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Ofer Levin - All In the Family

The exhibition “All in the Family: Family Legacy in Israeli Art” (21 March – 3 June 2018) was conceived during a curatorial course conducted by Prof. Haim Maor from the Department of the Arts at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The project includes interviews of twenty-one families of influential Israeli artists, such as Gershuni, Gutman and others, that have chosen to pursue art. The exhibition and interviews emphasized the correlations between the creative families and their artistic choices. 14 works of art from the Levin Collection owned by Ofer Levin, who also sponsored the publication of the catalog, were displayed in the exhibition.

List of the participating families

Abu Shakra Family, Agassi Family, Auerbach Ofrat Family, Bauman Family, De Lange / Rimon Family, Elkayam Family, Gershuni Family, Geva/Gever Family, Goldstein Family, Gutman Family, Hendler/Uri/Yampuler Family, Kadishman Family, Karavan Family, Neroni/Amitai/Portugali Families, Ofek Family, Rauchwerger Family, Reisman/Ben Shalom Family, Rubin Family, Schatz Family, Sgan-Cohen/Laor family, Shemi/Cnaani Family

List of the participating works of art from the Levin Collection

Aliza Auerbach-Ofrat, “Self Portrait”, 1974; Aliza Auerbach-Ofrat, untitled photograph from the series “The Song of the Sea”, 2007; Michael Sgan-Cohen “Nest for the bird, yes to the bird, freedom to the bird” (Unnatural Bird Migrator), 1985; Gary Goldstein, from the series “Israel’s First Decade,” 2005, Meir Agassi, “Three Stooges”, 1970; Moshe Gershuni, “My Father was Born…,” 1974; Tsibi Geva, “Keffiyeh”, 1993; Avital Geva, two photographs from the series “Greenhouse”, the Venice Biennale, 1993; Aviv Uri, “Venus”, 1970

The Exhibition catalog (English version – p. 136 – p. 24): Click Here

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