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Ofer Levin - Gomley Data

Gomley Data (“Data Redeemers”) exhibition (7.9.2017 – 12.10.17) was based on the history of Hansen House and the story “Forever” (Ad Olam) by S.Y. Agnon. Hansen House was first established in 1887 to provide an isolated place to lepers who were forced to take care of themselves. The exhibition’s name derives from a combination of two words: “Gomley”, in Hebrew those who redeem themselves or others from something, and “DATA”, law or information. 

Gomley Data displayed contemporary artwork by veteran and young artists focusing on the concept of autarky and autonomic activities of the space. The works examined the duality that characterized the residents of Hansen House who were spiritual not out of free will, for they represented the ones who were excluded from society. The pieces of art were placed in various corners of Hansen House, a few of them exposed to the public for the very first time. The exhibition was sponsored by Levin Art Community & Culture which was founded by the financial strategist and art collector Ofer Levin.

Watch a Video About the Historical Hansen House:

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